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My clinical approach is trauma-informed with over 15 years’ experience providing clinical support around trauma, loss, and grief. I draw upon evidence-based practices, including CBT, Narrative and Exposure Therapy, and Mindfulness, while remaining client-centered. I understand that exploring painful pasts or current losses can be frightening and overwhelming, therefore, it is important to me that the work I do with clients is at a pace they can manage, process, and control.

In my practice, I provide an understanding of why trauma and grief can feel insurmountable and teach skills on how to manage difficult emotions like guilt, anger, and overwhelming sadness. I will spend time exploring sources of strength within each client and help clients remain connected to what and who they have lost.

My professional experience includes working with veterans and active military, first responders, refugees, torture survivors, teachers and school counselors, university and school-aged students, nursing facility staff and residents, and community members in emotional crisis and distress.


What We Do


Hear Your Experience

Trauma and loss often stirs up intense, negative emotions, including anger, guilt, regret, and sorrow. Speaking Trauma provides a safe, nonjudgmental environment where you can understand and process your feelings, identify their origins, and be given tools to cope with what comes up.


Decrease Painful Images

If the loss is related to the sudden death of a loved one, those bereaving often experience haunting images of the deceased. Many clients struggle to stop or control the images, hoping simply to “get it out.’ We help our clients process these images so they feel more manageable and less overwhelming.


Giving You Tools To Get Through the Day

Loss can be disruptive to any routine. We will help give you the tools and support needed to get through the day. We identify internal and external sources of support and strength and provide techniques to help reduce anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.


Bringing in Your Loved One

If your loss is related to the death of a loved one, our therapeutic approach brings the deceased into the process which can provide healing and connection. We facilitate imaginative conversations between our clients and their loved ones, helping them understand their grief and emotions from a new perspective.

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